My name is Cathy and I live near Matlock, on a hill of course, with my partner and champion Roy and our two cats Mitzi and Ziggy.

Cathy with Maine Coon Cat
Art has been a companion for me for as long as I can remember. I find true contentment when I’m immersed in an art or craft project.

Around seven years ago I did a portrait of our cat ‘Tommy’ in pastel. My partner was astounded by the likeness and his reaction gave me a much needed boost.

Since then I have been building on my experience by exploring different methods and styles. I have now developed an enriched approach to my pastel portraits.

A pet portrait commission is created using the photos you provide. I just need clear images showing accurate colour of fur and eyes. Best results are often achieved when the photos are taken outside on a bright day. Avoid direct sunlight as this washes away colours and detail.

At present I require 3 – 4 weeks from receiving your photos to complete the portrait.

All finished portraits are supplied with a cream double mount to fit a standard size frame. Framing is offered to customers at a modest price. Due to pastel being delicate in nature framing is recommended but it is possible to post finished portraits without framing.

If you are still interested please click on the ‘PRICES’ tab for a detailed overview of cost.